30 Days to your Best Arms with Julian Smith

Life is too short to have small arms! If you want to not only lift, but let the world know it, this program is for you.

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30 Days to your Best Arms with Julian Smith 30 Days to your Best Arms with Julian Smith

Coming March 12th

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Follow-Along Video Workouts

4 Weeks of Workouts

3 Workouts Per Week / 20-40 Min. Workout

This is serious arm training you can add onto any other program. You'll do one all-out arm day each week, targeting your bis, tris, and forearms. Then you'll do one triceps accessory workout, and one biceps accessory workout each week.

Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Training

Unique, varied training

Free weights / bodyweight / cable / machine

Beginner or advanced lifter, you can do this! And if you know Julian Smith, you know he likes to use every available tool in the gym. So get ready to open your mind while you split your sleeves.

Fun, Challenging Workouts

Add Strength and Size

Periodized workouts / tempo training

You'll build your best arms with pyramid sets, supersets, low-rep strength workouts, tempo training, dropsets, and brutal burnouts. This is a full education in arm training!

Nutrition and Supplement Plan

Mass-building recipes

Train to grow, eat to grow

If you want your arms to grow, you need to eat like you mean it! That's why we're including a nutrition guide with a kickass selection of easy-to-prepare mass-building recipes.

30 Days to your Best Arms with Julian Smith

Life is too short to have small arms!

Here's what you'll get in 30 Days to your Best Arms:

  • Three time-efficient arm-focused strength training sessions a week
  • A perfect balance of hard and heavy lifting and pump work for strength and muscle gains
  • Technique tips on important movements
  • Varied, exciting training that progresses each week
  • Easy-to-prepare mass-building recipes

This is a perfect specialization program to break you out of a rut and add inches where it counts most. It's unique and effective for newbies, advanced gym rats, and even the most slow-to grow, stubborn arms. And after you do it finish it, you can turn around and repeat it for even better results!

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